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Real Life Story

The founding of Ambassador Systems begins with an incredible story; an old friend and new love who came back into my life after 40 years! We went to grade school together but we hadn’t forgotten each other. It’s also the story of father and son coming together & working together to better people’s lives after what we and millions had felt. Our family break-up was fallout from the Great Recession.

It seems utterly improbable that two people would find each other after 40 years but it’s not just some story. I’m in it!

When it comes to creating a completely new system for people doing all things real estate, I feel we’ve had the dream team. An unlikely combination of people as you could imagine; a longstanding real estate veteran with very high standards, an entrepreneurial electrical engineer, and a Millennial techie.

But the key ingredient is this; despite very different disciplines, we share the same passion to create something better for the people who suffered loss from the Great Recession and do our best to insure against such a calamity.

From 1971, fast forward to January 2010. Karen came back into my life and within days of first talking, she moved to San Diego and we came together for good. As a career real estate professional extraordinaire who has practiced nearly every facet of the profession since she was 17 years old, even Karen was astounded with the challenges she faced entering a new market.

The year 2010 was about the absolute bottom of the Great Recession and just about the most dismal real estate market on record. Like so many Americans, I was devastated by the crash of the real estate market two years before. Everywhere I looked, I discovered that most people, including agents, lacked the tools and knowledge to cope.

So I began to learn everything I could and I built and tested systems inside our new team. I became a practicing real estate agent. Karen became a student of real estate technology. My son, Kellen, worked with me on the early systems and was our voice of the Millennials. Karen and I attended every conference we could and I tested every new possibility.

I built three complete systems, each better than the last, but still not exceptional enough to make a big difference. The technology ground beneath me began shifting faster than before. It was exhilarating but I began to focus on the one thing that really made the difference. Real estate is a people business, first, last, and always. Each block of this new system has been moved, reconstructed and relaid to build a fabric of trust and confidence for those who participate.

Technology is a lever that can provide tremendous effect, so it must be thoughtfully applied where it will enhance the people’s business of real estate.

I believe that you will really enjoy what you experience here and I am sure that this is only the beginning as our story grows and so many more people will add to what we’ve begun.

Technology is Leverage-Lots of it

KarensBDinMojaveI finally faced the realization that I could no longer avoid. The right tools didn’t exist and Karen wasn’t going to get them unless I built them. No amount of work was going to fix the available tools that were built for a time that had passed. So I began developing a new system that would help Karen and the clients that she served. As I built the system and the team, it evolved. What you have now is the fourth generation. I felt the previous generations simply weren’t enough to make a significant impact.


Ambassadors facilitate transformational relationships. Real estate professionals may take part as agents of a transformational change for their clients. And in today’s world, social media expands reach and offers transparency for ambassadors. That’s a potent winning mix for a better consumer experience.

Technology is power and in the end, technology wins. Why? Because it gives us more power, more leverage. We can do more, have further reach, greater capabilities, more impact. We needed a framework that harnesses tech into a socially enabled, easy-to-use system.

Father and Son

Baby boomers created the tech explosion and it’s deep foundation. Millennials are creating a tech society upon this foundation.

The Rise of the Rain Machine, which was soon to become Ambassador Systems needed one more key ingredient.

Our new generation of tech developers have grown up in a very different world. Their view and every day use of technology is more innate. That required spanning our new technology across two generations.

With the talent and dedication of my son who has met every challenge, we spanned that technology bridge together. We’ve grown together as we’ve struggled to create and improve that wonderful labor of love that we truly hope will greatly benefit all who use it.

By the way… this is your success story in the making.

I wish you all the success and gladly share with you what we learned. If you wish to raise your business and the standards of our industry, I hope that you embrace what we created. With it, you gain the opportunity to leverage and write your success story.

And if you are a reading this as a home owner (or soon to be), we hope that our system will empower you on your journey with more confidence and success.

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